Suryadev Alloys and Power Private Limited is a leading integrated steel manufacturer established in 2006. Its mission is to provide the highest quality steel products at affordable prices. The company’s flagship brand, ‘Suryadev TMT’, represents strength, quality, and integrity, and has been trusted by leading developers, architects, contractors, and engineers alike. Suryadev’s TMT bars are manufactured using Quenching and Self-tempering (QST) technology with stringent quality control and the best industry standards. Suryadev’s state-of-the-art steel plant is the first Greenfield THERMEX facility in Tamil Nadu and has a manufacturing capacity of over 0.6 MTPA.

The company also owns and operates a 160 MW thermal power plant that supplies uninterrupted power to the steel plant and distributes power to other captive users at competitive prices. While Suryadev has the vision to be the market leader in the steel industry, the enterprise is equally committed to giving back to society. Suryadev’s CSR initiatives have helped nearby towns and villages to enhance infrastructure, restore the environment, and improve medical facilities.